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Me being a twink

Me masturbating to porn

Me: This is so hot.

Me: *orgasms*

Me: ...

Me: What is this filth

Anonymous asked - "I've come across you so many times on Twitter, Instagram, Tinder. You're good looking...but your personality comes across as so perfect! I'm so unphotogenic...but in real life you would absolutely love me (promise!! lol). So frustrating!"

Ahaaa aww super cute

Anonymous asked - "Billy is such a cunt. You deserve so much better than that fucking twat. You were always the better one anyway. He's such an arrogant, cock sure fucking ass hole. Bitch fest over, thank you :)"


Anonymous asked - "wanna trace my tongue along your hot tattoos"

Thank u


I love people who make me forget that I’m shy

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When you really like someone but you know nothing is ever going to happen.

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My insta-crush